PMS Medikal provides a wide range of Sterile Barrier Systems, Sterilization Control Products and Pack Closure Systems for her customers from more than 50 countries.

Certified production system with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, all products conform with international norms like EN 868, ISO 11607, ISO 11140 and CE marked.

Apart from those standard products of hospital use, our highly flexible production systems allow us to produce, made pouches for individual needs of Medical Device Manufacturers.

New converting facility for co-extrusion, coating, laminating, printing; now produces high quality top and bottom webs from a validated process and equipments.

Heat Sealable Rolls



PMSSteripack Sterilization Reels are constructed from transparent and multilayer PET/PP copolymer film and medical kraft paper. Triple band seal provides three independent barriers to contamination, while reducing the risk of fibre tear.

All reels are imprinted with water based, non-toxic accurate Steam and EO process indicators which are located outside the packaging area to prevent ink migration to the product.

All materials comply with international standards and are manufactured under validated production process.

Medical Wrapping Paper



PMS Medikal offers wide range of wraps for different purposes.

They can be used as either inner or outer wrapping and are suitable for steam, ethylenoxide, VH2O2 and irradiation sterilization methods and are a reliable solution for preventing infection and keeping patients safe.

Wrapping papers offered by PMS Medikal are in compliance with all international standards.

Self Seal Pouches



PMSSteripack self-seal pouches are pre-folded and assure accurate and fast seal without the requirement of a heat sealing machines. They are especially suited for use in small general practices, dental surgeries and by user who wants to avoid costs of additional sealing equipment. PMSSteripack self-seal pouches provide excellent adhesive resistance to over-exposure of steam and clean opening characteristics due to the high grade film and paper.

All pouches are printed with water based non-toxic steam and ethylene oxide indicators for easy indication of processed and unprocessed instruments.